A New Paradigm of Leadership
Author: Ken Shelton
Uplifting Service
Author: Ron Kaufman
Leadership and Self-Deception
Author: The Arbinger Institute
Beyond Benefits
Author: Gene Raymondi
What Motivates Me
Author: Adrian Gostick
            and Chester Elton
Zip! Tips
Author: Mike Song
The Complete Leader
Author: Ron Price & Randy Lisk
The Respect Effect
Author: Paul Meshanko
Now You're Thinking
Author: Judy Chartrand, Stewart
            Emery, Russ Hall, Heather
            Ishikawa & John Maketa
The Career Compass
Author: Hayley A. Norman
Crucial Accountability
Author: Patterson, Grenny, Maxfield,
            Mcmillan & Switzler
Fake Work
Author: Brent D. Peterson
            & Gaylan W. Nielson
Be A Mind Setter
Author: Michael Gobran, William
            Greenwald & Derek Roberts
Connection Culture
Author: Michael Lee Stallard
Strategic Acceleration Succeed at the Speed of Life
Author: Tony Jeary
Great Leadership Greates Great Workplaces
Author: James Kouzes & Barry Posner
Talent Unknown
Author: Bill J. Bonnstetter &
Ashley Bowers
Inspiration to Perspiration
Author: David A. Jacobson
When it Happens @ work
Author: Julie M. Smith, Ph.D.
Being Coached
Author: Ann V. Deaton & Holly Williams
Growing Your Leaders
Author: Rob Johnson
Getting to It!
Author: Juggling Elephants
Personality Style at Work
Author: Kate Ward
Great Work
Author: David Sturt
What Makes a Great Training Organization?
Author: Doug Harward & Ken Taylor
You Already Know How to be Great
Author: Alan Fine and
Rebecca R. Merrill
Tap Into The New Science Of Success
Author: Geil Browning, PhD
The Secrets of facilitation
Author: Michael Wilkinson
Fired Up or Burned Out
Author: Purple Cow & The Dip
Systems Thinking & Learning
Author: Stephen G. Haines
Leadership Blueprint
Author: Dr. Paul Hersey with
            Diana Newton
Crucial Conversations
Author: Patterson, Grenny, McMillan,              Switzler
Primal Leadership
Author: Daniel Goleman,
           Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee
The Hamster Revolution
Author: Ken Blanchard
Human Capital Analytics
Author: Kent Barnett & Jeffrey Berk
The Power of Choice
Author: Michael C. Hyter
Ownership Thinking
Author: Dave Logan, Ph.D
The Anywhere Leader
Author: Mike Thompson
Ownership Thinking
Author: Kevin Cope
The Rowers Code
Author: Marilyn Krichko with
            Jane Rollinson
In Great Company
Author: Quentin Jones,
Dexter Dunphy, Rosalie Fishman, Margherita Larne & Corinne Canter
Branding & Marketing You
Author: Donna Rachelson
50 Little Tips That MakeA Big Difference
Author: Nancy Friedman
Carrots and Sticks Don't Work
Author: Paul L. Marciano, Ph.D.
Change Anything
Author: Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler
Change The Culture,
Change The Game
Author: Roger Connors and
Tom Smith
Crucial Conversations
Author: Kerry Patterson
Emotional Intelligence 2.0
Author: Travis Bradberry and
Jean Greaves
Fierce Conversations
Author: Susan Scott and
Kenneth H. Blanchard
Go for No!
Author: Richard Fenton
Have a Nice Conflict
Author: Tim Scudder,
Michael Patterson and Kent Mitchell
Howard Schultz
Author: Howard Schultz and
Joanne Gordon
HR Funny Side Up
Author: Elliott Witkin
Human Capital Supply Chains
Author: Tim Giehll and Sara Moss
Rebuilding Trust
Author: Dennis S Reina and
Michelle L Reina
Taking Flight!
Author: Merrick Rosenberg and
Dan Silvert
Thank God It's Monday!
Author: Roxanne Emmerich
The Corporate Athlete
Author: Jim Loehr & Jack Groppel
The Ethical Executive
Author: Robert Hoyk &
Paul Hersey
The Hamster Revolution
Author: Mike Song, Vicki Halsey & Tim Burress
The Leader's Compass
Author: Ed Ruggero and
Dennis F. Haley
The O Z Principle
Author: Roger Connors,
Tom Smith & Craig Hickman
The Orange Revolution
Author: Adrian Robert Gostick and Chester Elton
The Big Book of Personality Style
Author: HRDQ
Trust and Betrayal
Author: Dennis S. Reina and
Michelle L. Reina
What The CEO Wants you to Know
Author: Ram Charan
Barnes & Conti
Author: B. Kim Barnes's