• Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    "You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way" - Jonathan Livingston Seagull's words, from the best selling novel by Richard Bach bring into sharp focus the intense and extraordinary determination of Jonathan, who envisions another world-one of love, understanding, achievement, hope and individuality. A tale of courage, truth and love, this eloquently written story is a rich and vibrant literary work. This story centers on the character development of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, who changes from a quiet and timid young seagull to an enlightened, brave and courageous being.

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull is all about finding your own limitations. What is the limit of the wisest of people might not be your limit. It's a story about a seagull who wants to fly – not to use flying as a tool for survival nor for any other purpose – but for the sheer joy of flying without limits...because perfection has no limits.

    The story is not about the flight of one seagull, but of our hearts, our very spirits and imaginations & dreams. You may wonder what life is all about. The answer to this question comes from the beak of a bird. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a spirited teacher with an important message for us. "We can be free! We can learn to fly and fly with perfection….for perfection has no limits"

    If you wish to be as free as a bird, soar with JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul

    Chicken Soup for the Soul is a performance of several inspiring stories which have touched mankind & inspired them to be achievers & winners. The stories are true to life & have been presented through short video films & redition using music, lights & narration. Based on the International Best Seller by Jack Canfield and his colleague, the stories have been best sellers for a very long time.

    To put a million smiles in your heart was the objective for which "Chicken Soup For The Soul" was conceived. Its not money and fame that makes people happy, but the fact that happiness comes from within. The power of one story to inspire any individual to march forward in life.

    Telling stories is the most powerful way to open doors to new possibilities…..stories that strike a special resonance which would make any individual share them with others, with a purpose.

    Each story is carefully chosen to suit the psyche of Indian masses and the story cuts through all age, gender & helps in giving meaning to life.

    The objective of the module is to help find a purpose of life, be inspired and march ahead with contentment.

  • Sleeping with Success

    Sleeping With Success is a theatrical performance , is based on short stories, which enable the human mind to determine the potential and explore possible opportunities of the mind. The play reinforces positive thinking and self-motivation. The stories are narrated in a lucid fashion, using audio-visual aids, which help the audience to understand and comprehend. The play is a must for every family, as it reminds every generation that there is more to the path ahead. The play will be a revolution so much so that the viewer will go home saying , 'I can do it, I will do it, I shall do it'.

    In a world marked by intense stress and competitive pressures, success is a word close to heart but difficult for many to achieve. The play outlines the spirit of success by understanding defeat… the play builds a passion for success sand the role of commitment and joy in the process of achieving success. It leaves the audience spellbound in terms of understanding their achievement potential. Targeted at a thinker who believes in making an impact on achieving success.

    Sleeping with Success is a revolution in theatrical performance making every watcher a winner. Largely drawn with examples of success in the lives of Terry Fox, Dan Jansen & Brett Neilson, the play ends with a note on dreams and making them a reality.

  • FISH! Camp

    Program Objective:
    Fish! Camp is not just about business or boosting morale and motivating employees. It's about life... By using what you'll learn in the program, you will not only become a better manager; you'll become a better person...

    Fish! Camp is for people who want to :

    • Create joy in their organizations.
    • Explore the possibilities of creativity.
    • Empower others and be effective.
    • Master the art of creating discontinuous, non-linear "breakthroughs" at work.
    • Create a vision and allow it to guide.
    • Learn how to transform a breakdown into a breakthrough.
    • Make a difference in the world.

    What you will learn / discover :

    • The Principle Of 'Personal Power'
    • The Principle Of "Being-In-Alignment'
    • The Principle Of 'Vision-In-Action'
    • The Principle Of 'Transformation'

    End Result :
    Whatever results you produce from this module are obviously up to you... But if you're willing, this is the direction things will go - "vision of power and possibility."

  • Train The Trainer

    Overview : As important as training is these days, many organizations can't afford the luxury of having experienced trainers on staff. Or, if they do, their trainers can't keep up with the increasing demands as jobs change and re-training becomes necessary. As a result, those who've never had the opportunity to develop professional training skills are occasionally being required to develop and conduct training sessions. That's why Train-the-Trainer is so valuable. The comprehensive module walks first-time trainers through every step of the process of developing and delivering effective training - from using adult learning principles all the way through evaluating the results of training. The workshop also addresses how to handle problem personalities and situations that can unnerve even the most experienced trainer, including participants who won't talk - and those who won't stop. Even veteran trainers will learn something new and hone and update their skills

    • Session 1 : Teach People, Not Content
    • Session 2 : The Crest Of The Wave
    • Session 3 : State Changes
    • Session 4 : Giving Directions
    • Session 5 : Frames
    • Session 6 : Specify The Response
    • Session 7 : Getting Responses
    • Session 8 : Question, Clarify, Question
    • Session 9 : Labels
    • Session 10 : Vocal Italics
    • Session 11 : Positive Mental Images
    • Session 12 : Open & Closed
    • Session 13 : Pause For Visuals
    • Session 14 : The Five Part Model
    • Session 15 : Story Telling

    Program Methodology :

    Program Methodology would be :
    • Interactive.
    • Simulation using management games, case study or exercises and use of videos.
    • Focus on coaching and feed back skills.

    The entire module will be focused on creating an ambience by using signals in communication, addressing the sub conscious state of mind, color psychology and impact of learning through doing. The module will aim at honing skills, which create a bench marking ability amidst trainers. To that extent the take home is high. The course explores the fundamentals of high impact teaching and training techniques using the latest research in group dynamics, presentation styles and brain based concepts. Key components of the methodology include high levels of humour, energy and participant interaction. People who sign up can expect to be both physically engaged and mentally challenged during the course.

    Duration : The module would be for 2 and ½ days. The contents of the modules may be structured depending on the needs of the business and organizational demands.

    Applied Creativity & Innovation (Creativity On Demand To Develop Better Solution - Faster !)

    Overview: Designed for a broad range of personnel, such as managers, team leaders and specialists, this programme explores how Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking' is applied to promote innovation.

    Upon Completion, you will :
    • Understand a simple process for effective application of new thinking techniques and be able to use a number of thinking tools to find innovative solution to business challenges
    • Be able to use creative thinking tools to contribute more to business improvement activities and pro-actively address potential problems.
    • Have the ability to develop bold new ideas that support organizational innovation.
    • Work more creatively as individuals and participate effectively in work groups and on project teams.

    Program Outline : Rational Problem Solving : A look at the strengths and weaknesses of traditional problem solving methods, and how creative thinking can make them more effective. The Applied Creativity and Innovation Process : A simple process for analyzing challenges, and then finding innovative solutions using Deliberate Cre8ive thinking. Creativity on Demand : Shows individuals and teams how to focus their creative energy when and where it is needed to solve real challenges. Tools for Deliberate Creative Thinking : Provides simple but effective tools for exploring problems quickly and effectively as well as a range of techniques that are proven to generate solutions that work. Application and Action : Applying creativity to daily issues is the key to success and this programme uses a case study to demonstrate techniques learnt. Where to Go from Here? : An action plan to focus on creative problem solving. Benefits : Organizations that apply Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking principles and methods will : Creatively deal with complex situation and make better and faster decisions. Have shorter and more productive meetings in an effective team environment. Plan, manage and implement solutions thoroughly and effectively. Generate innovative ideas to effectively manage costs and grow the 'top-line' of the business. Prevent potential problems from developing and promote innovative ideas that support business goals .

  • Whale Done

    We have to rely on and work with others in order to be productive and achieve results. The problem is that many work environments are not conducive to positive relationships. Instead, they employ the GOTcha approach (catching people doing things wrong). If an employee makes a mistake, then someone else is waiting to catch the employee with a GOTcha! Many times, GOTcha! is the result of our upbringing, is inadvertent, or is a result of a lot of programs that focus on fixing problems. This type of culture can be unproductive and self-defeating. While focused on the mistake, we are inadvertently reinforcing what we don't want to happen-the negative behavior.

    The Whale Done! Approach can have a dramatic positive impact on your relationship with others. It is contagious and will help your entire organization increase productivity, improve employee morale, and achieve better results.It will teach you how to improve your relationships at work in order to become more productive and to achieve better results.