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Dear Sir,
First of all, I would like to thank for the precious time you spent with us and gave us some deep insights to motivate and cultivate values in ourselves. I was greatly thrilled and enjoyed every bit of your interactive sessions. Even I visited your website and loved the videos posted on it.

Sir...I would be highly obliged if you give me some GURU Mantras and how to explore avenues for me in future.

Thanks a lot once again for the time you spent with us.

Gyan Prakash
Dubai Batch 2010-11

Dear Sir,
It was very nice to have you at the campus for two days. Believe me it was one of the most amazing and enlightening days of MBA. I wish we had you to talk to us a few months ago, will try to implement many of the thoughts that you have provoked and will try to make the most of my remaining six months.

Hope to keep in touch with you.

Thanks and Regards,
Apurva Bhargava
Marketing Apr'10

Dear Sir,
This mail is to thank you for your wonderful talk in the last two days at SPJCM! A lot of questions that I always thought of were answered by your insightful and relevant videos and I appreciate your energy and passion of how you conducted the program! In-fact 5-6 years down the lane, I plan to be a coach like you!

Just to help you reminisce, I am the girl who asked you about 'the thin line between complacence, satisfaction and greed'.

It would be my pleasure to interact with you even in the future!

Thanks and Regards
Shravya Reddy

Dear Mr Bhatia,
As the subject of this email suggests, the two days that you spent with us here at SPJain-Dubai, were a great learning opportunity. I especially enjoyed your unique method of facilitation through videos and the topics covered were comprehensive and perfectly relevant. But I wanted to thank you for 2 other areas - the projection of your voice and your ability to captivate and engage us throughout the 2 day program. I observed these in you and have added them to my development areas.

On behalf of the HR batch, I would also like to thank you for sharing your experience and insights with us yesterday. I am sure each one of us will continue to look up to you for advice and guidance in the future.

A third 'thank you' is for willingly accepting to be our advisor and consultant at the HR club we wish to institute here at SPJain. The objective of the HR club is to develop ourselves as thorough HR professionals, promote SPJain as a center of excellence for human resources and also to create a platform for industry interface. The club will be established first in Dubai, followed by Singapore. We aim to host the Dubai HR Forum (DHRF) at a conclave within the institution.

I have attached a short draft of what we propose to do here in the club. We will definitely look up to you for advice and guidance on opportunities of development. We will formally reach out to you as soon as the club takes flight.

I will be glad to share the batch profile if required. Do let me know if there is any information you would like. Enthusiastically looking forward to making this initiative a roaring success

Thanking you,
Reuben Bent
Member of the Industry Interface Committee and the Placement Committe

Hello Sir,
It was really great to have you at our SP Jain campus for the training. Thanks for the wonderful teachings. I and Vinny really enjoyed interacting with you. Your words gave me a new direction of thoughts to work on!!

Hope to see you again in future!

Gaurav Chawla
Global logistics and Supply Chain Management

Dear Dr Bhatia,
Thank you for your email and the star.

I don't know whether you will believe me when I say that I kept on going over the entire yesterday's session over and over again.

May be your workshops have that effect.

I thoroughly enjoyed your program and shared the learnings with my family. Will share the same with my team as well.

I wanted to give the following input.

1. Would request to include some examples of change management form HDFC Bank's life; it has been full of exciting Changes and I believe there are some mind blowing success stories which will come out which will connect more with HDFC bank audience.

Best Regards
Shashank Choubey
CH - Chennai and Pondicherry
Business Banking WC

Dear Sir
Thanks for your mail. It was indeed a great session and I enjoyed the same thoroughly not to forget the learning that I have carried back with me (Which I would definitely implement).

Thanks again.
Best Regards
Santesh Poddar
Commercial Payments Group

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
I should be thanking you. It was delightful being a part of your program and I thank God for this opportunity.

Thanks & Regards,

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the gift and a thought provoking session. I have been sharing the learnings/take aways from the workshop with my colleagues and family & am inspired by your journey and accomplishments.

Thank you once again.


Dear Mr. Bhatia
Thanks for your mail and I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from this programme.

I have seen this story as part of video clipping " Power of One ". I will stay in touch with you for all your guidance and advice on the way to take my life forward both in professional and personal matters. I remember you advising us to read fews books which will add value to our life. If you can share the name of these books.



Its been an honor to be with you and session was simply great.....I could correlate with almost everything since I personally underwent some changes very recently and learning for me have been enlightening.

Thanks a lot for your directions.

With Regards,
Pradeep Chauhan
Zonal Sales Manager-Mortgages

Dear Mr Bhatia,
Thanks a lot for the below story. Infact, I have started implementing your training. I actually read the story to my son.

And am working on " Quiet the voice in your head"

Please do send more stories and articles.

Sangeeta Vinnakota
Head Corporate Salary
Relationship Manager

Dear Mr. Bhatia,
I was impressed by the way the entire program was conducted and am also thankful to you for giving us more inputs for Change Management.

I will surely share my success stories and keep in touch with you further.

Warm Regards
Pavan Kumar Chillarige
Assistant Vice President
Branch Head

Dear Sir,
Thanking you for sparing your time and making us learn how change can bring a change in our life. I will definitely implement what is learnt.

Thanks alot once again.

Thanks and regards
Maheedhar Sriram
Branch Manager, Charminar Branch, Hyderabad

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
We are very much honoured to listen to you. It was an opportunity for me to look inside.

The star fish story is really good sir

Best Regards,
Veerraj Vinnakota
Branch Manager,Dilsukhnagar

Dear Sir,
It's heartening to hear from you and Thank You Very Much for your gift. I have forwarded it to my colleagues / reportees for their intellectual consumption. I am sure they benefit from your "gift".

It was a pleasure interacting with you.

I am glad I got to attend your program on "Change Management" and must add that I found your program contents (literatures and AVs) of immense benefit.

Your AVs have struck a chord deep within me that makes me question " Why Not?" instead of "Why?" -- thank you for awakening the spirit inside me. Again!! After attending your program, I now firmly believe that -- I am never caught in a traffic jam. -- I am the traffic jam.

It's time to change. Now. And so shall I. For the Better. To go from Good to Great.

Wishing you health, happiness, abundance and success in your personal life and professional endeavours.

Thank You for everything. Once again.

Warm Regards,
Sandeepan Bhattacharya Senior Manager -- Corporate Sales (South 1) HDFC Bank Ltd., Hyderabad

Dear Mr. Bhatia,

It was indeed a great learning opportunity for me. I consider myself lucky to be a part of your wisdom sharing session. The 2 strong lessons that I learnt yesterday were:

1. Winning attitude is a key ingredient for continued success.
2. The changes that we expect to see in the environment must begin with ourselves.
I thank you for the wonderful learning experience.

Warm Regards,
Biswanath. Dasgupta

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
Hello, it was really nice attending Yesterday's program on Change management. Really got inspired from it. Thank you very much.

Arun Shanker
Branch Manager

Dear Sir,
Thanks for an interesting session .. and believe me I had started discussing the various learning to my colleagues and in family too.

Warm Regards,
Satish Dixit
Area Acquisition Head-Current Accounts

Dear Dr.Bhatia,
Thanks a lot for your mail.

It was indeed a great pleasure attending your workshop on Change Management. It not only helped me in enhancing my knowledge, but also provided me solutions to handle my day-to-day stress situations in a much better way.

Once again thanks a lot. Look forward to a very good relationship with you.

Thanks & regards,
P. S. Parekh

Dear Sir,
It was a really nice learning experience. I specially appreciated two things -

1. Giving incentives of the participants each time they gave a good or different answer.....(the chocolates were nice.)

2. A training programme without a single powerpoint presentation.....amazing.

Warm Regards
Neer Sen
Unit Head - PhoneBanking

Dear sir,
This is really my pleasure to receive mail from you with such a lovely and inspiring story. I will surely share this with everyone I know.

Thank you for sparing your precious time to write a mail to me..and am expecting more guidance & inspiration from you in future too.

Thanks & Regards,
Dwijal Dave
Unsecured Recovery – East

Dear Dr Bhatia,
I am moved with your program .... lot of thing am practicing already ... lot of thing I WILL DO without fail .... will definitely keep in touch with you on & off ...

Samrat Ghosh (S8498)
Head East - Business Enhancement Unit

Dear Raju,

Pleasure to receive your mail and hope you are keeping great.

I was in Chennai for an official visit and hence could not respond to your mail. I'd like to thank you for the change management training program. As I had told you post the training, I have been practising this since long at times and let me tell you that there have been positive results. Though I would need to practice this on a daily basis, there are days when I may be really stressed out and just crash into the bed after office.

But, your training program was motivation enough for me to restart this practice.

Communicating with the sub concious mind has to be done with lot of concentration levels.

Please do call me if you may be in Kolkata sometime.

Shajan Varghese
Emerging Corporates Group

Dear Sir,
Thank you for this mail and the wonderful program yesterday.

I did enjoy every moment of the same.

Mahendra M N
Branch Head – Malleshwaram Branch

Dear Dr.Bhatia,
Thanks for your mail ! It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of the program & interact with the group. Workshops or information regarding leadership is very close to my heart. I will cherish the story mailed by you & would positively share it with my colleagues & friends.


Dear Dr. Bhatia,
It was pleasure meeting you and thank you for your mail as well story. Really I have learnt few things which was an eye opener for me & I am thankful to you as well my organization to given me the opportunity.

I would be happy to share with you my views, learning's & be a student of your school. Surely I would be in touch with you, keep sharing your knowledge!

Warm Regards,

Dear Dr Bhatia,
It was nice listening to you too. A lot of good habits we practice in our day to day life/work gets overshadowed by the routine work. Your lessons were like a breathe of fresh air and refreshed our minds to think positive and be happy. I appreciated the concept of learning – no powerpoint, only AVs to make the message last longer and better.

I am sure there will be more such programs in the days ahead and we all become better individuals and better leaders.


Dear Mr. Bhatia,
I am very glad that, I am being a member in your programme. it was great...! i am become a fan of you ! some of the dialogue's u presented was extremely well.....

thanks again , i need one work book you have gave in the class room . can u pls send by courier.

Vasu, MS

Dear Sir,

Thank you for a wonderful training session over the last two days. Normally I pick only one ~ two new things from a training session but from your session I became richer by several novel ideas !

In fact I have shared several concepts with my whole team; the first meeting I had with them, I mentioned about the back-bench syndrome (occupying the coveted seat near the exit!) & everyone came to the front row ............ I too now occupy the front row in a meeting !!!

I mentioned the "Paradigm Paralysis" to the team................ now we take up every "Idea" so that we donot become another Kodak who missed the photocopy machine invention!!

There are more ............. and thank you all for it.

Look forward to more enlightening exchange of mails with you!

Regards and best wishes!
Arvind Kumar Singh
Production Head – Refrigerator
LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd

Dear Dr Bhatia,

Sorry for a delayed response.

It was really a good experience to have attended your workshop. Though there were many take aways, I found the "paradigm shift" to be the most relevant learning for me.

For correct implementation of your concepts, I may need to take your advice from time to time. Hope you will be kind enough to give me some of precious time.

Looking forward to be an improved human being (with quantifiable difference)

Best Regards,
Jatin Madan

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the program and valuable inputs.

Still I am in thinking phase and feel, a lot more is possible with the inputs those were received in the trg program. esp The Secret.

I request you to kindly add me in your mail list .(I could not give the card to you)

I do have lot of queries and also some interesting data ..I will keep on bothering you..hope you will not mind.

S C Panchbhai
Asst General Manager,
R&D, Refrigerator
LG Electronics, Pune

Dear Sir,
Thanks for the valuable Input..... It is time to act now.

Thanks & best regards

Quality Assurance

Dear Sir,
Thanks for enlighten me and giving the guidance for future. It was one of the best training program I had ever attended. I am now working on how to utilize it to level best for me and my organization.

I will be in touch with you in future for discussing my problem and issues what I face and need some guidence.

thanks for your support.

Prashant Bhale
LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd.

Dear Sir,
It was really a nice session we had with you (never so good so far). We enjoyed each moment and session of this program.

I hope to get some more tips, as and when needed and shall be grateful for your advice.

Thanks & Regards,
Vinod K . Mishra
Manager - procurement - HAC